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Mothers Who Think: Tales Of Reallife Parenthood

Mothers Who Think: Tales Of Real-Life Parenthood - Camille Peri, Anne Lamott, Kate Moses, Daphne Marneffe I'm not quite sure why I started to peruse this book as a knew it wasn't my type of thing. Even a friend warned me off.

Problem is once I have started a book I have this guilt compulsion to finish. This was even worse as with a collection of essays and short stories there is always the hope that the next one maybe worth your time.

The first few stories were, as expected, naval gazing introspective pieces on the wonder and pain of motherhood and frequently the writing style was a self-indulgent stream of consciousness that I find both repetitive and tedious.
About halfway through the collection turned from introspection to more narrative anecdotes, most of which were OK and some I found enjoyable or even amusing.

My favourites were:
‘A Mother of a Year’ by Stephanie Coontz an interesting essay about the demands and expectations of modern motherhood. Most of what she covered was not new to me but it was interesting and well written.

‘My Other Mother’ by Lori Leibovitch an affectionate account of her teenage years and being parented by her grandmother.

‘Coyote Dreams’ by Cynthia Romanov a lighthearted tale of how fantastical dreams helped the writer survive a trying time in her life.