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Tender Is the Night (With Author's Final Revisions)

Tender Is the Night (With Author's Final Revisions) - F. Scott Fitzgerald I was influenced to read this book by my love of Fitzgerald and the TV adaptation starring Peter Strauss. The book was no disappointment and is, I feel, Fitzgerald’s best. It captures both an era and its inhabitants, which seem almost unreal in the 21st century. In fact seeing the TV series helped me to feel rather than just imagine what that time was like.
Dick Diver is both annoying and attractive. Nicole is both charming and irritating. None of the characters is totally sympathetic but I couldn’t help quite liking most of them.
I was enchanted by their luxurious life style and then intrigued as they ran around like lemmings just trying to decide which cliff to jump off.
Of course the story is ultimately tragic but then this is Fitzgerald so you wouldn’t expect anything less