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Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret - Holly Cupala,  Jenna Lamia I listened to the audio version of this book and enjoyed it.
Right at the beginning we are thrown into the complex emotions of Miranda's world - her judgmental parents, her slightly distant boyfriend and her too cool 'best friend'.
Naturally her high school life is a morass of gossip, changing friendships and misunderstanding.

As she gets further into her pregnancy with her 'friends' abandoning her and her parents condemning her it is quite heart-breaking.
I was surprised she was approached by members of the teaching staff at her school. At my school a pregnant teenager would have attracted a bevy of busybodies and counselors.

My one problem with the book is her obsession with her older sister. It is a valid theme but I despite the information revealed she didn't gain an understanding of her sister and as a result that part of the story became stuck in a rut about half way through.
And I could have done without the birth scene though suppose it is educational (or a warning!) for the target audience who most likely haven't yet experienced the reality for themselves.

After the birth the story is obviously drawing to a conclusion and became a somewhat repetitive, a bit too reflective and little heavy handed with the life messages.