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In a Class by Itself

In a Class by Itself - Sandra Brown I received this audio book through the first reads program.
I was curious about Sandra Brown as she seems to be very popular and we have quite a few of her books on our library shelves. Also I wanted to try a romance as I haven't read any since I was a teenager.

The book started reasonable well with a school reunion and the narration didn't seem overly dramatic.
However once we arrived at the first intimate encounter between our protagonists the writing positively blossomed with cliches.
With each further encounter, and as they became more and more intimate, the cliches became more and more over-powering.
Maybe this is what is expected of romantic fiction.

What I didn't expect was the sex. It was padded with euphemism and cliche but this was not the discreet 'fade away at the bedroom door' that I expected. I was a little shocked! (And I won't be passing this on to my daughter)

I also found certain themes a little distasteful: The fact that he more or less held her against her will and that she agree to have sex with him as part of a business contract.
These are plot features that are not unknown to me. My problem was that they seemed to present the protagonists with minimal moral dilemmas. And then there was the obligatory 'almost rape' scene - I'll spare you the details.
The conclusion with its attempt to stretch out the romantic tension just a little bit longer was too contrived altogether. I found it irritating rather than moving.

Although the descriptions of the settings were quite pleasant and the characters well portrayed, if a little stereotyped, I found the plot and cliches were not to my taste and I will probably steer clear of the contemporary romance genre for a while.