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J.D. Salinger
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Hugh Laurie
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Mark Twain, Elijah Wood

An Act of Treachery

An Act of Treachery - Ann Widdecombe This is the love story of a younger girl and an older married man, told from the girl’s point of view. What makes it all the more complicated is that the setting is Paris in WWII, the girl is French and the man is an officer in the German occupation force.
It shows how their relationship develops and progresses and how her family gradually reject her.

This is a good solid story well written and easy to read with a nice rounded ending that was satisfyingly tied up if a little predictable.
But is was not really gripping. I never felt the story pulling me along nor did I ever feeling that the protagonists were in true danger. And I never felt swept off my feet by their love affair.

A pleasant read for a day sunning yourself in the garden.