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Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds - Rutu Modan I set myself two challenges with this book.

It was both my first graphic novel and my first Hebrew novel (it was originally written in Hebrew)

It took me a while to get into this book but once I sat down to it the story zipped along. It was nice to finally read a book set in my home country. The language and the story had a genuine Israeli flavour unlike so many stories set here written by visitors with a personal agenda who think they know Israel but see only the 'big themes' and miss the real life. (it was a problem I encountered with some reviews of this book)

Although Exit Wounds was a pleasant read it left me a little unsatisfied.
In hindsight the story seemed a little thin and I missed the depth of emotional development that I enjoy in plain prose. This is probably a characteristic of graphic novels in general rather than a failing of this book in particular but as this is my first graphic novel I'm unable to judge.

However my lack of satisfaction was also due in part to the fact that at least one of the main story lines was left unresolved. This is not a totally unknown tactic with Israeli screen writers so I was not completely surprised.
And one of my personal peeves was the constant bad humour of all the protagonists. Hardly a single moment of joy encroached on the storyline and almost every dialog was a curt exchange resulting in hurt feelings.

All in all I'm glad I made the effort to read this book and I would recommend it both to Israelis and those who want to know a little bit more about the real Israel.