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I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else - Erin McCahan I received a copy of this book and probably wouldn't have read it otherwise. Chicklit, especially YA chicklit is not my thing.

Although there is plenty in this book for fans of chicklit it is less a romance asbout a younger finding her love but more about a young girl finding herself.
Having been brought up in a family where appearing polite is of the utmost importance and expressing your own thoughts and opinions is rejected Bronwen feels out of place in her own family. You would expect her to rebel but she observes the family taboos and as a result hardly knows who she is.
When she meets Jared she thinks she has found true self and the solution to all her problems.

I like the way this book was written and feel sad and frustrated for Bronwen. But I couldn't really empathise - She was too passive wqhileI am too much of an outspoken rebel. Her family would have made me scream within the first 24hrs. I kept having the urge to shake her mother and yell 'Do something!' at the whole family.
That said I do feel it was a realistic portrayl of a family dynamic.

Unlike books written for younger children in this story not all impressions are mistaken, not everyone who loves you is acting for your best interest and not all damage can be repaired.

An interesting read for an older teenager.