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The Revenant

The Revenant - Sonia Gensler Faced with the prospect of being trapped at home on a lonely farmstead helping her mother look after a new born baby and her other siblings Willie decides, despite being underage and under qualified, to pose as a school teacher and take a position at a school for wealthy Native American young ladies.
At the school Willie is given the bedroom previously occupied by a young female student who died in mysterious circumstances and there are all sorts of ghostly occurrences.

Considering the students of the school I had expected to ghosts to have a Native American flavour introducing our protagonist to a world she barely knew existed however the story is more interested in introducing Willie to a completely alive, and rather handsome, Native American from the neighbouring school for wealthy Native American young gentlemen.
Willie is also introduced to the cliques and hierarchies of the school. She is left socially inferior due to her lack of means and experience.

The ghost story is quite standard and well-handled but acts more as a side plot than as the main story. The main narrative follows Willie in her trail and tribulations as a teacher, in her relationships with the girls and in her developing romance with Eli.

This is quite a gentle ghost story made more interesting by the setting.
I enjoyed it but it is definitely a light read.