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The Rookie (Galactic Football League)

The Rookie (Galactic Football League) - Scott Sigler I love Space, I love aliens and I love The Future. But I really don't like sport, especially American Football (come on guys, if you were real men you'd remove all that padding like Rugby players :D). And I really don't like books about sport (except Quiddich).

But I enjoyed the podcast of this story so much I bought the book!

And on a second reading it didn't disappoint.
I still don't understand the rules of American Football nor do I have much idea of how it is played but that doesn't matter because I love the characters, I love the action and I love the story-telling. The world-building is vast and comprehensive with believable aliens and breathing-taking planetary systems. The descriptions are detailed but not overloaded and keeping track of who's what is made easier by the distinct nomenclature for each specifies (without resorting to multiple constants or intrusive apostrophes.)
Quentin Barnes is a highly likable main protagonist but his team-mates are also well fleshed-out and feel familiar by the end of the book.

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