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White Teeth: A Novel

White Teeth - Zadie Smith Having read White Teeth I decided to have pity on myself and swore never to read Zadie Smith again.

The booked dragged terribly especially towards the end and I felt I was slogging through it rather than enjoying the reading experience.

This is a pity as certain elements such the beginning scene, the discussions with the lesbian niece and the brothers Ahmed were not only clever but also quite funny.

My impression is that Zadie Smith started a novel because she had always been told she wrote well. And it is true that she can produce an amusing turn of phrase and entertaining dialogue.

However as a literary student she felt it incumbent upon her to write something 'significant' rather than the light, humourous novel which would have been so much better suited to her talents.

Half way through she became bored and also realised that she was at the end of her plot with no resolution in sight. She battled on to the end but the effort of completion stretched her skill beyond its snapping point thus her writing style because stodgy and lost most of its irony and humour.

Even the fact that the book was set in England in an era I well remember did not redeem this book for me.