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Fudge A Mania - Judy Blume Despite the fact that Judy Blume is one of those legendary children's authors I managed to bypass her totally as a child.

I happened upon this book in the library and decided to give it a whirl.

It is either a book for the younger but enthusiatic reader or a tween looking for an easy read. For the younger reader it is a little long
maybe a result of the fact that it was written in 1970s when children had less TV and no computer games to distract them!

The characters of both adults and children are fully rounded and the dialog natural. The family interaction also raised a smile recalling all the irritations of childhood but showing a kind, friendly and generally happy family. The freedom of movement allowed the children is something frequently depicted in children's books and seems a little delusional in this day and age though it was the reality at the time the book was written.

My 10 year son, who is neither an avid reader nor a native English speaker, read it and declared it 'Pretty Good'. from him that is high praise.