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Behind the Fence: Lebanon 2006

Behind the Fence: Lebanon 2006 - Danny Morris This book is the journal of a young soldier's experiences in the Second Lebanon War.

It is not poetry or even elegant prose rather the straightforward writing style of a young man relating his experiences.

It was a fascinating read that kept me turning the pages for an hour or so.
At first there is the parting from his family and girlfriend. And then as he joins his fellow soldiers he describes his friendship with them. His description of their feelings and the situation seemed so similar to those experienced by myself and my husband while we were serving in the IDF.

Later when they are mobilized there is the mixture of fear and excitement as they wait to cross the border.

He discusses in detail his and his friends emotions and reactions during one rather scary engagement but never over dramatises for shock effect or to garner sympathy.

An honest, unpretentious account of one soldier's experience of the conflict.