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How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel - Patrick E. McLean I am a great fan of Patrick McLean starting with the The Seanachai followed by the How to Succeed in Evil podcast and
finally this podiobook.

The original podcast was fun and humourous with some brilliant characterizations that left me with a taste for more,
much more.

And so we have How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel.
As with all great satire there is also melachanloy which derives not so much from the tragic death of favourite characters but rather, for me at least, from the fact that Edwin nevers seems to achieve either happiness or fulfilment

In addition, as much as I like and admire Edwin Windsor eventually his association with evil leads him to questionable practices that halt the laughter and leave me feeling uneasy.
But that is the strength of this story. Mr McLean could find a clever workaround to keep Edwin's hands 'clean' but luckily for us this author does not take the easy way out.

My one critism, a small one, is that this novel still leaves a taste for more. It feels like a prologue, explaining Edwin's descent into evil, and I would now like Book Two to find out exactly how Edwin does Succeed in Evil.

Having gobbled up each episode at a ridiculous speed in my eagerness to follow the plot I will now return to this book for a 2nd (probably 3rd and 4th) time for a more leisured enjoyment in the company of Edwin, Topper and Agnes - some of my favuorite fictional characters.