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Last Seen Wearing

Last Seen Wearing  - Colin Dexter In Last Seen Wearing Inspector Morse is given the case of the disappearance of the teenager Valerie Taylor that has remained unsolved for more than two years. The case has been reopened because Valerie's parents have received a letter supposedly from their daughter just a few days after the detective on the case was killed in a car accident while chasing down a mysterious new lead.

To be honest I am not a great fan of plain police procedural detective stories. I prefer more emotional connection and less narrative plot in a novel. I was drawn to this book because of my love of the TV adaption of Inspector Morse and my great affection for the characters of Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis. And of course the pleasure derived from a story set in an area where I have lived.

The writing was good and clear if a little uninspired and the language was above average and pleasant to read. I did find the plot a bit jerky and lacking a certain flow - Morse kept jumping to conclusions and then rushing off to act on them only to discover after a little decent detective work that he was wrong.
Inspector Morse though he has a certain charm is quite coarse - in addition to his appreciation good music, good whiskey and good beer he has an 'appreciation' of rather sleazy porn - and the mix of lechery and chauvinism displayed in his attitude towards women would not be acceptable in this post-feminist era!
His assistant Sergeant Lewis although intelligent and able to cope with independent detective work is definitely more of a background character.

On a personal note I loved all the local references having lived in the Oxford area for about a decade.

I quite liked this book and enjoyed reading it but although I would probably read another Inspector Morse story if I came across it I will not be making any special effort to find one.