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Golda Meir;: Portrait of a Prime Minister,

Golda Meir: Portrait of a Prime Minister - Elijahu Agres I picked this book off our junked pile at the library so I expected it to be outdated and it is a coffee table book filled with, black and white, photos so I hardly expected it to be a scintillating read.
However I did expected a little more subjectivity.

The text passed with superficial haste over Golda's childhood in Russia and America only stopping to take a breath in order to explain how she became involved in the Labour Movement and how brilliant she was even at such a tender age.
It became more interesting as it explained how she moved up through the government structure in Israel and was enlightening about the beginning of Israel's connections with Africa initiated almost single-handedly, according to this book, by Gutte Golde.

But the tone was just too reverential and adoring - Golda was wonderful when she did this and then she was fantastic doing that etc.
Golda is still a national icon but since 1969 we have become more realistic in our analysis of her legacy.