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Blue Genes (Kate Brannigan, #5)

Blue Genes (Kate Brannigan, #5) - Val McDermid I picked this up because we were fans of the TV series Wire in the Blood and I was mildly concerned the murder might be a little gory and dark.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself laughing out loud. Ms McDermid has a very English, more-than-slighty-snarky turn of phrase which I found most amusing and was the main reason I liked this book so much and would be happy to read more.
The story was a science-based mystery but she didn't drag us into too much excruciating detail. There were some good thrills though I did feel the ending was a little flat if totally beliveable and realistic.
Best of all were the characters, not to many to overload but a nice variety and fun to 'meet' especially Kate Brannigan herself.

This was an excellent light read with a wonderful writing style.
Although this is book 5 it is perfectly good as a stand-alone novel and
doesn't rely on previous knowledge of the series.

I would recommend it though non-Brits might need some help with the translation.