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The Oxford Murders

The Oxford Murders - Guillermo Martínez Excellent one of the best murder mysteries I've read.
Again I owe a sincere thank you to the person who recommended it though I can't remember who it was or whether the recommendation was due to the maths or the Oxford location.

It is always difficult to good the writing style in translation but it was clear and perfectly pitched to the style of the book. At times it seemed to touch on magical realism.
The math was an important element of the story but it didn't take over and the explanations were handled subtly.
The characters in a mystery are always a little distant (in order to preserve the mystery) but in this book they were all three dimensional with history and quirks and human, if not completely logical, motives.

The conclusion was quite shocking but not contrived. There were no hidden clues or red herrings and as a result it was ultimately satisfying.

I would recommend it to everyone!