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Deaf Child Crossing

Deaf Child Crossing - Marlee Matlin I finished this book feeling really depressed.

The story is told from the point of view of two nine year old girls - Megan, a rather moody and overly dramatic deaf girl and Cindy, the shy girl who moves in next door.
Soon they become best friends, Cindy learns sign language and Megan decides to go to camp with her new BFF. There are ups and downs in their relationship and both drama and fun at summer camp.

The writing was simplistic and the plot unoriginal while the ending was rushed and incomplete.
But what disturbed me about the story was that at times Megan behaved quite appallingly towards Cindy and it was accepted that just a friendly smile and not hint of an apology all was mended and they could be BFFs again.

I'm not sure whether this was careless writing or the author really wanted to suggest then when you are nine you can be as moody, temperamental, unkind and rude to other people as you want but if you smile it off other people will forgive and forget without you ever having to apologise or examine and change your own attitudes and behaviour.