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J.D. Salinger
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Scott Nicholson
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Hugh Laurie
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Mark Twain, Elijah Wood

How To Steal A Car

How to Steal a Car - Pete Hautman I enjoyed this book.

It showed how an ordinary, quite pleasant teen can become involved in something like car-stealing on a whim, through a coincidence of events.

I like Kelleigh’s voice and the fact that her life seemed real, not quite perfect but not bad either. Her relationships seemed simple but when they became complicated and take an unexpected turn she doesn’t ‘go off the deep-end’.

I have seen some reviewers critisize the fact that Kelleigh does not suffer any consequences for her actions. However I found it quite refreshing that she was able to realise that her actions were foolhardy and just plain wrong on her own and without the threat of criminal proceedings.

I wish I had had books like these to read as a teenager.