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Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv

Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv - Kate McVaugh I received this e-book as a review copy from the author through the Basically Books group

I don’t own an e-reader and I am not a fan of e-books but with such a title I couldn’t resist. And I’m so glad I didn’t!
I really enjoyed this book and within the first few paragraphs I was giggling out loud.

The author was describing such a familiar Tel Aviv with the constant noise, ridiculous housing prices and the beach close by.
'I even have a small, two foot wide balcony, where I can stand and inhale the sea breeze mixed with bus fumes.'(p. 11)

As someone who has spent many years wrangling with the Hebrew language I found her comments both humourous and accurate while not over done.
'I couldn’t read all those squares and 7’s they call Hebrew. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it. One letter is fairly indistinguishable from the next, not to mention that they read and write backwards.'(p. 12).

However scene setting is not enough and the book opens with a dead body. After meeting the, well observed, staff at the local bar and encountering a gorgeous detective we get going with a murder mystery. Nothing too complicated or contrived but enough to keep turning the pages.
There is an encounter with the local ‘Mafia’ and a reasonable amount of peril but the murder is solved in a believable and satisfying fashion with only a passing mention of commandos and not a word about terrorism or the political situation - such a refreshing change!

This book is a quick, fun read and I recommend it to anyone who has ever visited or wanted to visit Tel Aviv or just enjoys a light murder mystery.

'I took another gulp of the local beer; Maccabi. I had always wondered what had happened to all those Maccabi’s we hear about each year at Chanukah. Doing fine and well in the brewing business, thank you.' (p. 14).